TBM 94-04 Mustang Medium Duty Front Brake Kit (Reusing Factory Hubs) 001-0263


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TBM Brakes  Ford Front Drag Racing Brake Kits are lightweight and are not suitable for use with factory rear brakes/proportioning. They must be used with a properly installed aftermarket-style 4 piston rear brake kit. 

This kit fits the following:

  • 94-04 Ford Mustang (reusing factory hubs) medium duty.
  • Weight: 31 lbs


Kit includes:

  • F3 4 piston calipers 002-0064SSP
  • #3 compound pads 6-0302WT
  • 12.90 x .750” thermally treated steel rotors 3-129075087D
  • Aluminum rotor hats 204-0209
  • Aluminum caliper mounting brackets 16-00112
  • All necessary mounting hardware