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BPS Supercharger Pulleys

There’s a reason why our pulleys get so much positive feedback…

All our pulleys are CNC machined from a high grade 1045 steel alloy. Each and every one of them are inspected to insure they meet our specs; however groove design has to be one of the most important things we look at. Why you ask? If not machined properly, they are the reason why most belt slipping issues occur. We found out early enough on our first small batch of prototype pulleys that the various belts used for the GT500 (Dayco, Gates, Motorcraft) have slightly different patterns between them. Our solution? Make a pulley design that is compatible with all of them. It’s not a question of surface finish but rather how the belt “sits” on the pulley…

Another thing we pay close attention to is the bore of our pulleys. Too tight or too loose won’t cut it; it has to be spot on. This is why we opted on finishing off our pulleys with an additional step: Honing the bore. This ensures we have the correct fit within 0.0002”. In the following picture you can see the honed finish inside the bore.

We manufacture pulleys for the OEM 07-12 Eaton, FR TVS, VMP TVS and the new 2013 TVS. All are machined to our high standards. Order yours today!

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