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TWIN TURBO 2015-2017 MUSTANG GT - Billet Pro Shop


When it comes time to boosting your Mustang, many possibilities are at hand. From centrifugal blowers to twin screws to the ever-so-popular roots style blowers. This time around, our customer opted for a Twin Turbo setup by Hellion Power Systems along with some other options we suggested; And we were not disappointed with the results!

We went ahead and ordered Hellion’s “Tuner” kit which includes the basics; mandrel bent stainless steel piping, dual Turbosmart VEE port bypass valves, dual Precision PW46 wastegates, a large vertical flow intercooler and let’s not forget, twin precision billet turbos! We added the optional ball bearing 62mm turbo upgrade as well as a Turbosmart Eboost-2 controller for increased spool response.

One thing we pride upon here at BPS is quality and reliability. We recommend what we feel is best from experience. That being said, knowing this car is going to see regular track duty and high revving shifts, a set of billet oil pump gears was the first thing on the list. As for the fuel system,ID1000'S, BPS Coyote fuel rails along with a pump voltage booster was added to ensure adequate fuel pressure. A Boss 302 intake was also on the list for “looks” as per customer’s request but may be swapped out once we do comparative testing with other intakes.

Install went as expected, everything fits as it’s supposed to. No cutting/re-welding of the pipes whatsoever unlike other turbo kits; Hellion has done a great job on this quality package and we highly recommend it! A very straight forward install with detailed instructions made for a “no questions asked” install which in turn saves you on labor and us on headaches.

For tuning, Li Tuning & Racing worked their magic to get the twin turbo set-up on point. With only 14* timing on 94 octane & 10 psi ramped slowly thanks to the E-boost2, we were able to make close to 700RWHP corrected (Mustang Dyno) through the factory 6R80!




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