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BPS Lightweight Brake Package (2005-2014 Mustang)

SKU B003
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$229.00 - $274.00
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Swaybar Relocation Brackets: No Thanks

 This kit includes a pair of 10.5” drilled and slotted rotors, a pair of lightweight relocation brackets for the OEM calipers and ABS mounting brackets. This kit does require temporary removal of the axles to remove the factory caliper bracket but is fairly easy and quick to do.

The smaller rotor  has a different offset that increases wheel clearance, thus eliminating fitment issues on most if not all 15 inch drag wheels.  Weight savings is impressive at 5.6 lbs per side over the 05-12 (rotor and bracket weighs 11.0lbs as opposed to 16.6lbs)
Even more weight savings if you compare this to the 13-14 brakes: 11lbs lighter per side!

Note*: You must relocate your swaybar. BPS Swaybar Relocation Brackets are available as an option.

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