Ford Performance Parts Godzilla 7.3L Control Packs M-6017-73A

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Designed to run the 2020+ Super Duty 7.3L gas engine M-6007-73  with the 2020+ Super Duty 10R140 automatic transmission. 

  • PCM with Ford Performance calibration
  • Electronic throttle pedal 
  • Unique control pack harness that replaces the production body harness designed for custom vehicle builds
  • Mustang Bullitt™ Airbox
  • 87mm Mustang Bullitt™ throttle body M-9926-M50B w/M-9474-M5087 adaptor
  • MAF sensor
  • Upstream O2 sensors 

**Requires return-type fuel system. PCM calibration will not work with returnless system.

***Installation of PCM in a production vehicle will result in a 'No Start' situation.