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Menscer Double Adjustable '79-'04 / '05-'14 / '15+ Mustang Strut - Sold In Pairs

by Menscer
SKU msc-79-04-coil
Original price $2,136.00 - Original price $2,475.00
Original price
$2,136.00 - $2,475.00
Current price $2,298.00
Year: 1979-2004
Add Coil Springs?: Yes

Targeted at the drag racing market, this strut has been engineered to exceed the needs of the racer, regardless of class or style of racing. In many cases, controlling weight transfer has been a problem. By surveying the industry, executing a very aggressive R & D program and through forward thinking and manufacturing, we deliver a strut that provides more damping control and adjustment range than any other strut currently available. 

Standard Build time is 2-3 weeks.

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Menscer Motorsports' Shock Tuning Guide for Front Shocks

*** Shock setting adjustments should always be from full tight, on compression and rebound (extension) ***

Factory Settings:

10C (10 clicks from full tight on compression) on strut body near spindle.
15R (15 clicks from full tight on rebound) on shaft mounting plate

General Starting Points:

For a marginal or decent track, change the settings to 5C and 15R with 1.75"-2.25" of travel
For a hot or greasy track, change the settings to 2C and 20R with 2"-3" of travel For a cool or tight track, change the settings to 8C and 5-8R with 1"-1.5" of travel
For an exceptional track, (like Holly Springs of South Georgia), change the settings to 8C and 5R or tighter with less than 1" of travel.


For very bumpy tracks it may be necessary to increase the front end travel, and loosen the shock on both ends.
If the car seems to want to shake or spin when the front end touches down, tighten the compression on the shock
Be aware that to loose of an extension setting may cause the front end to reach the travel limiters to quickly and upset the chassis causing the tires to spin.
If you are driving into a power wheelie, 150 feet or or more in the race track, tighten the extension and decrease the front travel.
Add power earlier into the run to decrease the 60' times, the more speed the car is carrying, the harder it is to power wheelie.
For an 8.5 Tire, it may be necessary to add 1"-2" of travel.

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