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This is the Racemaker Auto 20 charger. It is the most advanced charger specifically designed for 16v lithium auto racing batteries.

The Racemaker Auto 20 charger works with all 16v performance lithium batteries from 4ah to 40ah capacity.

We designed this charger to be safe, fast and reliable, while still being affordable. With the Racemaker, you can have fast, inexpensive, and reliable...all at the same time!

Designed to optimize our own 16v performance lithium batteries like the P.MotiveLite or the P.Motive 2K16- it will also work with other brands of 16v performance lithium batteries.

We designed the charge profile of the Racemaker 20 to be safe and fast. If you are drag racing with our 16v performance lithium batteries on your total loss car, this is the charger you want to use at the track.

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