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TC3-SL-PRO Traction Control Module with Self Learning & Smart Drop

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The TC3-SL-PRO is our most advanced Self-Learning Traction Control system. By monitoring the average rate of acceleration of the drive shaft, and reacting to any sudden increases in that rate.  The TC3-SL-PRO will automatically adjust to changing conditions, keeping the internal settings at optimal levels.  The user can adjust the overall sensitivity of unit to achieve the desired results.

The TC3-SL-PRO is designed for the pro level racer who wants the most advanced Self-Learning technology, combined with enhanced adjustability and multi stage corrections to cut power more precisely than a single stage unit.

These units are perfect for racers looking for the unmatched precision of our Self-Learning units to get more aggressive with their tune ups, utilizing all of the adjustability that the TC3-SL-PRO has to offer.

The TC3-SL-PRO is compatible with most drag racing ignitions systems and timing accessories in use today. It is also compatible with most EFI systems.

The TC3-SL-PRO is simply the best, most advanced traction control on the market today!

Self-Learning units like the TC3-SL or TC3-SL-PRO automatically adjust to the continually changing conditions as you go down the track.

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