True Motorsports 6STAGER V1


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  • Designed specifically to enable the Transbrake on 2011-2017 6R80 Transmission.  (Replaces and eliminates the need for a dual relay configuration and uses the same wires to interface to the transmission).  This device will work on 4R200 setups too! 
  • Safe Transbrake enable feature in which the Transbrake can only be engaged when the foot brake is depressed. (This prevents damage by accidentally hitting the Transbrake button)
  • Uses a modified version of the Smooth Stage’s proprietary modulation scheme designed specifically for the 6R80 for slowly rolling into the Staging beams
  • 12 Force/12 Speed settings to allow for easy adjustability to dial in the desired approach speed while Staging
  • Incorporates the DeeSpeed 2.0 system architecture to prevent the stuck pedal condition for 15-17 model years. (This brake pedal interface has been proven to prevent the Torque Source 14 error.  It will also turn the brake lights ON while the Transbrake button is engaged) 
  • LED indication of Power, TransBrake and Stage enable