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NMRA MIR 2015 RECAP - Billet Pro Shop



Our 2015 resolution was to finally up the TVS game and run an 8 second slip in our TVS powered 6-speed GT500.  Lots of changes have been brought to the car to achieve that goal and one of those changes was going with the new VMP TVS Gen 2 supercharger. Out of the box, you get an improved and more free-flowing S/C that performs as it should. We took that a step further by turning it’s inlet into the mouth of a blue whale! In order to accept the larger Big Bore monoblade throttlebody, countless hours have been spent cutting away and smoothing out. To add even more work, we decided to give it a show polish…why not?! Show and go as they say…

Apart from the supercharger and throttle body, other changes have been made to the suspension geometry and engine. Expecting more power, we needed to adjust our BMR Suspension equipped GT500 accordingly; not so easy keeping a 6-speed car going straight but these guys have done their homework and kept the beast straight as an arrow down every pass.

Engine wise for this past May, compression was bumped a bit but the biggest change was weight and a lot of it. Being that this is a racecar…(slap on an exhaust and mirrors and it’s streetable ) a lot of you may think we cold heartily cut into the car. In fact, we haven’t touched anything on the body. Rather than make permanent scars, we pushed towards creating lightweight parts that we have been testing before release. I’ve got to add, the new aluminum block helped a lot also! Stay tuned for an update on our new build for the NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In the meantime here are some pics of the MIR event.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!





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