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Alcohol O2 - Dual Channel Lab Grade O2 Conditioner

SKU 3010003398
Original price $999.00 - Original price $1,867.00
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$999.00 - $1,867.00
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Harness: w/o harness
Options: no o2 sensor needed
  • Alcohol O2 Dual Channel Lab Grade O2 Conditioner - High speed, precision O2 sensor conditioner exclusively for NTK O2 sensors (free air calibration is required by the NTK sensor). Delivers extremely rich air/fuel ratio readings from 0.28 Lambda (1.80 AFR Alcohol). When used with a FuelTech PowerFT ECU (FT450, FT550, FT550LITE, or FT600) the Alcohol O2 Dual Channel Conditioner transmits data to the ECU via CAN bus communication. To connect to data acquisition outside of the FuelTech line of ECU’s, the Alcohol O2 Dual Channel Conditioner features 0-5v analog output.
    Mounting Kit and Promotional Kit included. Wiring harness sold separately.

  •  Alcohol O2 - Dual Channel Manual

Technical Description

  • High precision and speed equipment for NTK O2 sensor conditioner
  • Extremely rich air/fuel ratio readings: from 0.28 Lambda (1.80 AFR Alcohol) 
  • Free air calibration required by the sensor
  • Uses a special O2 sensor from NTK laboratories
  • CAN communication with FT600 / FT550 / FT500 / FT500LITE / FT450
  • Analog outputs for connection with FT600 / FT550 / FT500 / FT500LITE / FT450, PRO24 or other data acquisition equipment

Contents of Packaging

  • 1 Alcohol O2 - Dual Channel
  • 1 Operation and installation guide
  • 1 8ft Alcohol O2 - Dual Channel unterminated harness (optional)
  • 1 Mounting kit (4 rubber mounts, 4 washers and 4 ¼” nuts)
  • 1 Promotional kit (including a pen and a FuelTech black carbon fiber sticker)

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