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MAY FLASH SALE - 10% OFF BPS - ENDS 05/31/2024
MAY FLASH SALE - 10% OFF BPS - ENDS 05/31/2024


NanoPRO Wideband O2 Sensor Controller

SKU 3010009597
Original price $389.00 - Original price $464.00
Original price
$389.00 - $464.00
Current price $389.00
Harness: w/o harness
  • The 3-in-1 NanoPRO is an O2 Conditioner, Dash Display, and Switch Panel in one!
    O2 Senser: The NanoPRO is compatible with 5 different wideband O2 sensors (Bosch 4.2, Bosch 4.9, Bosch 5.2, NTK ZFAS Part number FuelTech: 5005100011). The NanoPRO keeps your O2 sensor at the optimal temperature for accurate readings with 3 configurable heating modes; normal, fast, and current limited, in addition to auto startup. Additionally, the NanoPRO has an extended wideband reading scale with advanced hardware for fast and precise readings (reading range can reach values slightly lower than 0.21 λ).
    Dash Display: With a 2” color touchscreen, the secondary display gauge function allows you to display information such as oil pressure, fuel pressure, boost, RPM, engine temperature, and more with the ability to configure up to 5 custom screens.
    Switch Panel: The touchscreen display offers switch panel style button capability via CAN bus connection to your FuelTech ECU, providing more functionality without using an analog input.
    The NanoPRO is IP67 rated (when properly connected to the harness), making it perfect for marine, off-road, and automotive applications.
  • See harness & sensor options options below. Harness and sensors not included with NanoPRO.

    ● BOSCH LSU 4.2 (sensor, harness)
    ● BOSCH LSU 4.9 (harness)
    ● BOSCH LSU 5.2
    ● NTK ZFAS Part number: 5005100011 (sensor, harness & adapter)
    ● NTK wideband o2 sensor

  • Manual NanoPRO FTManager
    CAD NanoPRO

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