Romac / Oil Pump Gear / Crank Gear / Crank Bolt COMBO 11+ Coyote


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One of the first and most important modifications to be done before throwing power at your Mustang are Billet Oil Pump Gears! No need to explain why, i'm sure you've seen all the damage that could be avoided with the OE powdered gears.
We put together this combo to further dampen your engine harmonics and consequently, help with its longevity:

Romac Pro-Series Harmonic Balancer
Boundary Billet Oil Pump Gears
Boundary Billet Crank Sprocket
ARP Harmonic Balancer Bolt

Available for 2011+ Mustang GT, 2011+ F-150 & 2015+ GT350
The Pro-Series Harmonic Balancers are offered in standard size and 6-rib option only. Ideal for naturally aspirated or Turbo setups.