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Holley EFI CAN Input/Output Module Kit

by Holley
SKU 554-165
Original price $430.95 - Original price $430.95
Original price
$430.95 - $430.95
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The Holley EFI CAN Input/Output Module can be added to Holley EFI HP, Dominator, Terminator X and Terminator X Max EFI installation. This CAN module will add eight inputs and eight outputs to the system, which can be used to control additional accessories, or provide critical sensor inputs. This module is perfect for anyone wanting to enhance the capabilities of their current ECU, yet have already tapped out their ECU's Input/Output channels.


  • Quickly expand your HP/Terminator X or even Dominator ECU’s Input / Output control with 8 additional inputs and outputs
  • This module is perfect for anyone wanting their Holley EFI ECU to control more functions or monitor more data channels
  • HP and Terminator X EFI installations with only 4 inputs and 4 outputs can now add more functionality to their EFI system!
  • The 554-165 kits contain a pre-terminated CAN Harness, allowing you to quickly install the Holley EFI CAN Module to any existing Holley EFI installation.
  • Pre-Terminated flying leads makes installing new wires a breeze.
  • Inputs can be used for things such as:
  • -Switch 12v Toggle Switches - can be configured for external mechanical relays, or setup as digital switches via a Holley EFI dash
  • - Ground input for brake pedal switch
  • -5v analog inputs for sensors like fuel pressure, oil pressure, or nitrous bottle pressure
  • -Thermistor inputs for Coolant temperature sensors
  • Outputs can be used for things such as:
  • -Switch Low (Ground) – For relay control or activation
  • -Switch Low PWM (Ground) – -Switch Low PWM (Ground) – PWM Fan control – PWM Fuel Pump control - or other PWM- controlled devices.
  • Adjustable broadcast rate for each channel - from 0-100hz.

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