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TBM designs its calipers around common brake pad shapes which means that, although we name these pads by the TBM caliper they fit, the will also fit many other racing brake calipers. For instance, these F3 pads are the standard “4 inch” pad shape, they fit the TBM F3, as well as many other (non TBM) calipers. This pad shape is extremely popular in oval track racing and is used in virtually all rear drag race brake kits.

TBM #1 

Maximum temperature 500°F, .60 CoF.
Designed for rapid yet smooth application.
Typical Use: Drag Racing

TBM #85

Maximum temperature 1500°F, .58 CoF.
Extremely high initial bite with high, stable friction across temperature range. Improved pad and rotor wear rate over #84, the most rotor friendly “high-torque” brake pad.
Typical Use: Asphalt Oval, Road Racing, Drag Racing