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SPRING SALE - 10% OFF BPS - ENDS 03/09/2024
SPRING SALE - 10% OFF BPS - ENDS 03/09/2024


Turbo Coyote Holley EFI Guide

You've finally decided it was time to upgrade to an aftermarket ECU. One capable of everything and anything. If you're reading this, you have narrowed it down to Holley EFI but now need help selecting what parts are needed to complete your install.  

This guide will make sure you don't forget anything and have all the correct parts ordered the first time. We made it simple and can provide you with everything! 


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These lists are a very good start to getting everything wired up. No additional items are needed to get running but additional sensors or modules may be on your next list...

Remember, you can never have too much data!


Click HERE to download the latest Holley V6 Software (Build 311)

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